3 Simple steps to set up your own Facebook Lead Ads. Optimize your lead efforts by gathering all your WordPress results directly into Ohmylead.

  1. Click on the button "ADD" then "New Source"
  2. Choose Facebook Leads Ads in the integration list

Step 1: Download Ohmylead WP plugin

Download and install the Ohmylead plugin on your WordPress account. Follow this guide to know more about this.

Step 2: Connect & map your fields

  1. Connect your WordPress website with Ohmylead by giving your credentials
  2. Select the chosen form to connect 
  3. Fulfill all the fields in order to make them match between your forms and our system. That way you will find all your data in your lead interface.
  4. If you already got some leads, don't forget to check the box in order to import the existing leads.


Set up your lead alert to be alerted every time you receive a new lead

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