How it works?

The dispatch feature is a process that allows you to control what each of your agents can have access to in order to have a structured qualification process.


  • Statuses to exclude from dispatch:
    Choose which lead status you want to exclude from your dispatch & only keep the relevant statuses
  • Sources to exclude from dispatch:
    Choose which sources you want to exclude, and which ones you want to dispatch
  • Prioritize your dispatch:
    You can choose how you want to contact your leads, either by reaching the new ones first or by calling the oldest leads first
  • Number of calls:
    Set up a call limit for each lead, that way when you or your agents reach the calling limit, that lead will be excluded from your dispatch list
  • Time interval between each lead (minutes):
    Determine how many minutes you want to provide your team in order to complete their qualification. (we recommend 5 minutes) 
  • Organize your dispatch:
    You can choose if you want to dispatch call-backs to the same agent that called first or you can dispatch call-backs randomly
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