Use Landingi's powerful landing page builder to quickly create lead capture pages and sync them with Ohmylead to easily drive all your generated leads under one roof

Simple 2 steps to sync your Landingi's Landing page directly to Ohmylead in order to capture and qualify new leads in one place and on real time.

  1. Click on button "ADD" then "New Source"
  2. Choose ClickFunnels in the integration list

STEP 1: Setup the Ohmylead Webhook URL on Landingi

Those instructions are indicated when you click on Show me instructions in the 1st step

1. Copy the web-hook link

2. Go to the edit icon of the chosen landing page and enter form settings.

2. Go to Integrations and choose POST integration. Please refer to the image below

3. Paste your web-hook URL address.

Note: It might take up to 4 minutes before the data gets processed by Landingi.

STEP 2: Complete the set up on Ohmylead 

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