To create a new client's account, you simply have to add your customer's name or their company's name in the space provided and click on (+ New Workspace).

Once clicked, you will be redirected to a page where you should fill in your new workspace's information. once set, click on ( + Add Workspace ) and you're good to go.

By adding your customer as a new client, it allows you to filter your leads effectively and add their team members accordingly. Now you will be able to see every customer leads separately by choosing the client you want to view in the drop-down box. You will only be able to see that specific customers leads and nothing else. 

As an account owner, you will have the possibility to both add Workspaces and team members. By adding clients, their team members, and organizing your workflow, it will help you be more effective, hence satisfying your customers. 

To be able to invite a team member, head to Settings and click on 'Team Members'. Next, you will need to select the client you want to add team members to, from the drop-down box as shown below. If I select "OML" for example as a client, any action taken on the platform will only happen for that client. From adding lead sources, adding leads, to adding team members. 

After selecting the client you want to add a team member to, click on 'Add New Member', which will bring up a pop-up as shown below. First, type in the email address of the people you want to invite then choose if you want to give them a "Viewer" (Has only view access to all the account's information), "Editor" (Has full access to all account information including lead sources and settings) or "Admin" ( Has Editor Acces and can also change/ edit Team members settings) Acces and finally click on send invitation to finish. 

Once you have added your clients and added their team members, it is time for you to sync their lead ads and start generating them sales qualified leads.

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