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How to retarget store visitors on Facebook with customer reviews and photos.

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Note: The Facebook Retargeting feature is currently undergoing enhancements to provide a more automated experience.

If you are interested in additional automation, we suggest taking a look at Shoelace. Okendo integrates with Shoelace so reviews can be included within Shoelace retargeting 'Journeys'. 


Retargeting store visitors on Facebook with customer reviews and photos is a great way to drive qualified shoppers to your store. First, ensure a Facebook account with admin rights to your business page is connected to Okendo. This can be done via the Integration Settings (Settings > Integrations) page within the Okendo app.

Now, choose a specific product you would like to create retargeting ads for and then choose a specific review you would like to use as the content of the ad. Once you have those two things, follow these steps to create your retargeting ad.

Create A Retargeting Ad

Step 1: Initiate Ad Creation Modal

Once you have chosen the review you'd like to use in your ad, navigate to the details page of that review by clicking the "Details" button on the right side of the review card.

Then click the "Create Ad" button:

Step 2: Configure Ad Content

Follow the prompts on the ad creation modal including selecting the Ad Account, Facebook page, message and image. When selecting an image, you can choose from the product's images or the images attached to the review. Ensure any ad blockers are disabled for the preview to load correctly.

Step 3. Configure Ad Settings

Finalize the budget, scheduling and preferred ad pixel.

Step 4: Confirm Your Ad

Once confirmed the retargeting ad can be managed through your Facebook Ads Manager.

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