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How to integrate with Okendo
How to integrate with Okendo

Instructions for setting up a loyalty integration with Okendo

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Gift cards and store credit are great tools for incentivizing your customers to leave a review and attach a photo or video. This guide will assist you in integrating Okendo and Rise. Simply follow the steps below and you will have your integration up and running in no time.

Connecting Rise as your Loyalty Provider

  1. Ensure both Okendo and Rise are installed. The Rise app can be installed from Shopify (Rise). Rise offer this integration for Small-Business plan members and above, please check here to see what Rise plan you are on.

  2. Head to the integration page on Rise and toggle the switch for Okendo integration.

3. You should be prompted with the alert below. Click Continue to Okendo to complete your set-up.

4. You should be redirected to the Okendo integration page. If you weren't, please log in to Okendo app through your Shopify store's apps page and navigate to the integration page (Settings > Integrations). Open the Rise integration section under Loyalty and click Connect.

5. Head over to the rewards page and select Loyalty Points.

6. From the Loyalty Provider dropdown, select
7. Click Save to save your loyalty settings.

Configuring Okendo workflow inside

  1. Open the app

  2. Navigate to the Loyalty & Rewards page and click on Create your own to set up your workflow.

If you have already set up a workflow in the past, please click on Create Workflow.

3. You should be taken to the workflow configuration page. Please click on Select Trigger and choose Okendo Reviews Created.

4. You can now complete your workflow by configuring your condition and actions. We provide several conditions which you can use to customize your workflow to your liking.

Below are the actions you can choose from to complete your workflow.


5. Once you are satisfied with your workflow, hit Save on the top right-hand corner of the page.

6. You may also test your workflow by clicking on Test Workflow and filling out all the conditions set in the workflow.

7. Finally, to start the workflow toggle the switch next to Test Workflow:

Your workflow has now been configured. Customers who submit reviews through the review request email will start to receive rewards based on your configured conditions and actions. You can verify that a customer has been processed with Rise through the timeline review details page (Okendo app > Reviews > Moderation > Review > Details > Timeline).

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