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Understanding the Response Form

Explore the components that make up the Response Form

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The Response Form provides a streamlined and highly customizable single-page user experience that allows your customers to complete the form with fewer clicks. This guide will help you understand and personalize each section of the Response Form to enhance your customers' review process and gather valuable feedback.

The Response Form features three pages, which you can personalize to build a memorable brand experience:

  1. Review Page

  2. Enhance Page

  3. Post-Review Page

Review page

The Review Page is the core of your review process, capturing feedback from your customers on a single page. You can customize this page using the style settings in the General, Header, and Styling sections.

Enhance page

The Enhance Page provides customers with another opportunity to add a photo or video if they didn't submit one on the Review Page. It also allows customers to learn about any rewards they earned if you have configured rewards settings.

Note: Customers will not see this page if they added media and a profile photo on the Review Page.

Post-Review page

The Post-Review Page allows customers to rate their shopping experience, review other products, or purchase top-rated products. This page can help drive additional sales and gather more comprehensive feedback about the overall shopping experience.

By following these steps and customizing each page of the Response Form, you can create a seamless and engaging review process that enhances customer interaction and gathers valuable insights about your products and store.

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