Email reminders

How to set them up and how they look like

Written by Weronika Spaleniak
Updated over a week ago

You can set up email reminders to remind yourself and your teammates about updating your OKRs. Updating OKRs regularly is a common issue for many companies. Having such a reminder set up may help with remembering about updating the OKRs on a regular basis.

How to set up an email reminder?

  1. To set up an email reminder, go to Settings tab and choose Notifications.

  2. Click on the toggle to turn the notifications on.

3. Set up your emails: to whom they should go and when they should be sent. The time in settings is in UTC. After you choose a time, you can see when will be the next email sent. The time provided there is in your local time. You will also get information there about when was the last email sent.

What does the email reminder look like?

Everyone gets a personalized email that contains their OKRs that were not updated since the last notification, along with their progress and information about the last update.

OKRs are presented in a simplified hierarchy. Everyone gets only their objectives and KRs.

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