The doorbell is a slim, weatherproof, battery-powered intercom. It sits on the outside of your house.  Visitors press the button and can talk to you through the doorbell's microphone.

The chime is a fabric covered speaker.  It sits inside your home and chimes when the doorbell is pressed. It's always connected to the internet and and is powered by your USB and the wall plug.


  1. A 3 m USB cable for powering your chime. The USB can also be used to charge your doorbell.
  2. A USB wall plug providing power for the chime.
  3. Doorbell back bracket (arrives attached to your doorbell) with optional adhesive pads.
  4. A security screw to secure your doorbell to the back bracket between charges.
  5. An Allen key to insert and remove your security screw.
  6. Two screws to fix your doorbell to your door frame.
  7. Two rawl plugs to fix your doorbell to your door frame.

We've included a small leaflet with links to the Ome App, Warranty and Ts & Cs.

You can find out the product dimensions here.

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