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Release Notes 3/20/24
Release Notes 3/20/24

Product update 3/20/24

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What’s New!

User Experience:

· Notification for signatures when they are received for job approval or authoziation signatures. More enhancements on the alerts will be coming in the near future.
· Copied the Comments field from the comments tab to a section right below the Opcode field for easier usability
· Changed the format of the Vendors tab for Outside Purchases so the lines match up better with the quantity received, invoice date, etc.
· Changed the timer for red error messages to 10 seconds so they can be read more easily.
· Several backend changes to help with continued performance of the application.

DVI Enhancements/Fixes

· Added the customer concern field as a text box on the ticket. This field can be edited on the ticket and will update the DVI, and vice-versa.
· Added the ability to "complete" an inspection.
· Added mileage on the DVI summary page.
· Added filters on the DVI manager page to sort between completed and in progress DVIs.
· Added a Review DVI tab where you can see photos, technician notes, and recommendations.
· Fixed an issue where uploading a picture or note to a finding line would delete the items.
· Fixed an issue when transferring recommendations to the ticket from the DVI. It was not sending over the category of the recommended fix to the ticket.

Bug Fixes

· Fixed an issue where the default technician was not saving when using the "add another" option on ad-hoc labor.
· Fixed an issue where the shop address was missing from the Charge Account Statement when printing from within the charge account.
· Fixed several issues with packages not transferring to tickets correctly.
· Fixed an issue where records not related to the search criteria where coming up in the charge accounts search.
· Fixed an issue where you could invoice more than the balance due to a charge account.

Coming Soon

· Ability to print oil change stickers (Very soon!)
· Ability to send approvals through the DVI
· "Prepare" page for the DVI which will allow users to build labor, parts, and packages right from the DVI screen.
· More enhancements for the new alerts bell icon including SMS deposits reveived, DVI approvals, and job approvals.
· New login page with a username/password recovery/reset option.

Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback!

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