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Product Release Notes 4/25/2024
Product Release Notes 4/25/2024

Release from 4/25/2024

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Major Updates:

Password Resets through Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

· Password resets used to be handled by our support team by calling into our support line. We've added a new My Account page where you can enter your email address and/or cell phone number to verify, and if you ever lose your password you can use our new "Forgot Password" feature on the login page to reset it. If you need any help getting this setup, please contact our support team and we will provide instructions.
· Please keep in mind that if you require a machine authorization code for your users to login, they will be able to reset their password but will still require a machine authorization code to access Omnique.

Refund and Duplicate for invoices will now allow you to keep the payments on the ticket as a deposit

· Our refund and duplicate option will now allow you to save the payments on the ticket as a deposit, and then reapply them when you go to re-invoice the ticket.
· You will still have the option to fully refund the payments when you go to refund and duplicate.

Oil Change Stickers Available

· We are looking for customers interested in trying our oil change sticker feature. It is included in your monthly Omnique subscription. Please contact our support team to find out more information.

User Experience:

· Added a red outline for required outside purchase fields on tickets. This allows for easier visibility of fields that are required to invoice a ticket.
· Added the ability to search for estimates via the Global Search feature.
· Refreshed backend data to show current 2024/2025 vehicle data for VIN decoding and data lookup.
· Fixed an issue with the Carfax VIN decoder not decoding certain VIN numbers.


· Added a setting in the Daily Ranking Report to allow users to sort by Line Item Type.
· Added Other ID (stock number) to the Invoice Date Range Sales Summary report.
· Added a colon after the Mileage and Vehicle fields on all print outs.

DVI Enhancements/Fixes

· Added a user setting for deleting DVIs.
· Fixed an issue where the DVI delete was not working.

Bug Fixes:

· Fixed an issue where there would be a warning for cost being higher than sell price if you had warranty parts marked as $0.
· Fixed an issue that did not allow users to mark parts are ordered in Quickparts ordering.
· Fixed an issue with the Kanban board showing "Counter Sale" when there was a customer assigned to a ticket.
· Fixed an issue where a tech could have multiple clock ins within seconds due to hitting the clock in button multiple times.

Coming Soon:

· Ability to send approvals through the DVI
· "Prepare" page for the DVI which will allow users to build labor, parts, and packages right from the DVI screen.
· More enhancements for the new alerts bell icon including SMS deposits reveived, DVI approvals, and job approvals.

Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback!

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