WT65 PCB Issues

Troubleshooting for the Bauer Lite PCB

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If you are having any issues with your PCB, please go through the following list of troubleshooting.

Board is not recognized

Try another cable

Try another computer/device

Test that the board shows up in VIA

Test internal JST connector

Confirm that the JST cable that connects the main PCB to the daughterboard is connected completely.

Switch problems

If you are having any problems where some switches are not working, try the following troubleshooting tips.

Confirm all switches are seated

Make sure all your switches are flush with the PCB and are completely seated into the hotswap sockets.

Confirm switches do not have bent pins

Pull out any switches that are not working and make sure the pins are not bent. If they are, just straighten them and reinsert the switch.

Confirm switches are functioning

Sometimes, a switch can be defunct. Try out another switch in that spot to see if that fixes the issue.

Confirm backspace setting

If you are using full backspace, make sure you change the layout in VIA to full backspace, as the default layout is split backspace.

Test your PCB in VIA

  1. Always test your PCB before building to confirm the PCB functions.

    1. Use tweezers to test each switch socket.

  2. Use the key tester tab in VIA to make sure all the keys light up.

    1. Fn (right of the spacebar by default) will not register on the key test. This is normal behavior.

Other issues / last resort for above issues

Reset your PCB to factory settings

  1. Start with your PCB/board unplugged from your computer/device.

  2. Hold the top left key

  3. Plug in your PCB/board while still holding the esc key

    1. This is the step that starts your PCB in bootloader mode and resetting to factory settings (the default layout the PCB shipped with)

  4. Unplug your PCB/board

  5. Plug back in to test again

Reflash your PCB

  1. Download the hex file at the bottom of this article.

  2. Open VIA and go to the Configure tab.

  3. Go to the Save + Load tab on the left side.

  4. Click Load and choose the downloaded hex file.

If none of these troubleshooting tips correct the issue you are experiencing, please submit a "Product Issue" ticket through the link or our support messenger on the bottom right of the page. Please provide documentation with any and all information you collected from troubleshooting.

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