Important: Failure to collect an adequate sample may result in an additional charge being levied for retesting.


Your test kit should include the following items

  1. Packaged DNA swab

  2. 1 x Consent form

  3. 1 x Prepaid returns envelope

  4. 1 x Barcode sticker


When you are ready to collect your sample, remove the swab from theRapidDri pouch using the pink plastic handle and follow the steps below.

Please wait at least one hour after drinking or eating anything (besides water) to take your sample.

  1. Rub swab on inside of cheeks for 1 min

  2. Place swab in RapiDri pouch so that the end is inside the drying area.

  3. Fold over the top of the pouch and seal using your unique barcode ID sticker, ensuring that the barcode is clearly visible.


Once your sample is safely sealed, follow these steps to return your sample for processing by the labs.

  1. Check, complete and sign your consent form.

  2. Add your sample and completed form to the pre-paid envelope.

  3. Post the envelope in any Royal Mail post box. If you are returning your sample from outside the UK please contact us at


Once your sample has been processed you will receive an email confirming your results are ready to be viewed on your account. This is usually within 10-12 days of the lab receiving the sample. If there are any issues with your sample we will be in touch.

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