Using Onalytica Lists

How to create new influencer lists and manage existing lists.

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Creating a List

Once you're happy with the influencers returned by your search, you can save them to a list for later. When you tick the select box, 100 influencers will automatically be selected. You can select the top 50, 100, 200, 500 using the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can enter a custom number to select any amount up to the total shown on the right.

Once you select a group of influencers, you'll have 3 options:

  1. Save to a list

    You can create a new list, or add the influencers to an existing list

  2. Export

    Export your selected influencers in .csv format

  3. Hide Influencers

    This will hide the selected influencers from view

If you create a new list, you'll be asked to name it, and then you can save it to your lists.

The List Menu

Opening the List section will bring up your Lists menu, with all the lists your have previously created in the order they were added.

Aside from opening them to view the influencers, you have 6 options for each list:

  1. Create Program

    This will add all influencers in the selected list to a new program. You'll need to have capacity to add new programs - if you're not sure, speak to your Onalytica customer success manager.

  2. Add to Program

    This will add all influencers in the selected list to an existing program of your choosing. That program will need to have enough influencer allowance to fit the net new influencers you're adding.

  3. Rename

    Change the name of the list

  4. Export

    Exports the selected influencers into an excel file.

  5. Open in Search

    Opens the Search console with the selected list pre-selected as a filter. This will let you rank the influencers in that list on a topic, if you want to see which is the most authoritative on that topic.

  6. Delete List

    Deletes the list from your lists section

You can also create a new list directly from a list of Twitter handles or LinkedIn URLs by selecting "Create List from Clipboard", enter the handles or URLs (in the appropriate tab) separate by comma, and name your list.

Using Lists

Opening a list will launch the default list view.

Open in Search

In the top right-hand corner, you will find the option to open your list in search. This will navigate you back to the search console with the list you're viewing pre-selected as a filter, so you can rank the influencers in your list by their topical authority.

Filtering Lists

You can filter the selection of influencers by adding and applying the filters on the left-hand side of the lists view.

Ranking Influencers in a List

You can rank your influencers by one of 3 metrics:

  1. Authority

    The influencer's General Authority ranking, measuring the engagement level they receive across all of their content using a relative scale of 1-5 within our database.

  2. Audience

    The influencer's total audience across all of the platforms we have data available for.

  3. Average Engagement

    The average engagement level that each influencer receives on their posts across all topics.

List Options

When you select a group of influencers or click the menu icon next to an influencer's display picture, you will have 4 options:

  1. Add to Program

    Adds the selected influencers to an existing program

  2. Add to List

    Adds the selected influencers to a new or existing list

  3. Download

    Exports the selected influencers in excel format

  4. Remove from List

    Removes the selected influencers from the list

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