Creating a List

Once you're happy with the influencers returned by your search, you can save them to a list for later. You can select the top 10, 50, 100 or all those visible after your search (usually 500).

 Once you select a group of influencers, you'll have 3 options:

Save to a list

You can create a new list, or add the influencers to an existing list


Export your selected influencers in .csv format

Hide Influencers

This will hide the selected influencers from view

If you create a new list, you'll be asked to name it, and then you can save it to your lists.

Using the Lists Section



Once you're in the Lists area, you have a few options to manage your existing influencer lists:

Create Program

This will add all influencers in the selected list to a new or existing program. You'll need to have capacity to add new programs - if you're not sure, speak to your Onalytica customer success manager.

Delete List

Deletes the list from your lists section

You can also create a list directly from a list of Twitter handles. Simply select "Create List from Clipboard", enter the handles separated by comma, and name your list.


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