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A guide to using the content shares widget to discover popular articles & media outlets in your influencer community

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The Content Shares widget lets you see which links have been shared the most among a group of influencers. It's a good way to understand the topical focus & format of content which has performed well among your key target groups.

When you choose "Content Shares" from the widget type menu, your options for configuring the widget will appear.

First, you can choose how many links you want to display. Most of the time, 10 links will provide a good overview of what's popular among your target group. The smaller the group of influencers you select, the fewer links are likely to be found.

Next, you can select the time interval, either on a rolling basis or for a fixed time interval.

Finally, select the topic & influencer groups you want to see popular content for. Click save to add it to your dashboard

The widget will display the top links (10, 20, 50, 100 or 200 depending on your selection in the widget creation menu) ranked by total number of shares. You can sort your results in ascending or descending order by any of the 3 available metrics:


The number of times the content in question was shared by influencers in your program.

Shared by

The number of unique influencers who have shared the content in question. This can help you understand if the content is being promoted heavily by a small group of influencers or shared more widely among the community.

You can click on the number to see which influencers shared the content.

Potential Views

This is the total number of shares multiplied by the audience size of the influencers who shared it.

When you sort by any of these metrics, the widget will display the top X (10, 20, 50, 100 or 200 depending on your selection in the widget creation menu) out of all the links shared on the topics selected & within the time span chosen.

The widget will also let you know 3 additional data points:

Most Shared Outlet

The media outlet which has been shared the most by influencers. This will

Most Unique Articles

The media outlet which has had the most unique articles shared by influencers. This can help identify if a specific outlet is achieving a lot of popularity despite having few shares on any individual article.

Most Unique Shares By

See which influencers shared the most unique articles. This will help you identify influencers who use their accounts to curate a high volume of news & links.

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