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VIDEO: The Chart Creator Widget
VIDEO: The Chart Creator Widget

This video explains the different options for creating charts in your influencer monitoring dashboards

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Learn how to create charts to analyse the influencer community in your Onalytica program.

Charts allow you to plot posts, engagement & reach of a topic over time.

There are 3 kinds of chart you can create in an Onalytica dashboard:

  • Trend - used to show how data has changed over time

  • Pie - used to compare topics or influencers as a share of overall data

  • Category - used when there is more than one variable, e.g. to compare how often different groups of people (government, academics, brand, competitors) mention a range of different topics (sustainability, AI, cloud)

To create a chart, you will need to define:

  • The data you want to display, e.g. which topics you want to appear in your chart

  • The time period covered by the chart

You can also use the Include & Exclude tabs to filter the parameters of your chart. This can be used to restrict a chart to a particular group of influencers, such as journalists, or to a specific topic so you can compare brand SOV on that topic only.

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