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Managing Topics

Learn how to use the Topic Management page

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The topics in your program define the keywords you can analyse within your program. If you want to compare your share of voice against competitors, for example, you will need to upload all of the relevant brands as topics. 

Here, you can edit the Topic Name, tag topics into groups and edit your query. 

To add a new topic, click "New Topic" in the top right, and enter the topic name and the query you want to use in Boolean search (you can read more about Boolean here). You can also add your new topic to any existing groups you have created by selecting that group from the list at the bottom of this screen.

Once you've added a topic here, it should be available in your dashboards to select in the widget creation menus.

To view all your topic groups, simple click over into the "Groups" tab at the top of the page, or select "Manage Groups" from the sidebar menu.

From here, you can add a new group by clicking "New Topic Group" in the top-right hand corner or manage the topics contained in each group by clicking the menu icon on each topic group and selecting "Edit".

From here, add topics to the group by selecting them from the list on the left, or remove them by clicking the "X" by each one on the right.

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