Influencer Tag Management

Learn how to manage influencer tags in your program

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Influencer tags let you group the influencers in your program however you like. The main uses for this are to segment groups of influencers for analysis or to keep track of important information about influencers that you plan to engage.

When you open the tag management page, you'll be presented with the Category view, which separates your tags into the available categories - custom categories in green, system categories in blue. 

The system categories are pre-defined by Onalytica, based on our recommendation - in many cases, we will have tags available relating to these categories in our database to help you get started with your segmentation.

To add new tags to your program, click the menu icon in the top right corner of a tag category, and select "Edit".

From this view, you can add or delete tags to your categories to segment your influencers however you like.

If you want to create new categories that don't exist in the database, choose "Create Tag Category" in the top right corner of the Category view.

You can also view your tags individually in the List view, where you can also add, delete or edit tags. 

To edit a tag, choose the edit option on the right hand side. From here, you can alter the tag name, description and category.

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