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Using the Hashtags widget in your program dashboards

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The hashtags widget displays a list of the most commonly used hashtags among a group of influencers. Hashtags serve as a good indication of the communities influencers are trying to reach. Heavy usage of hashtags like #CIOChat would indicate that a lot of influencers in your program are speaking with the online CIO community. A good action to take from the hashtags widget is to follow the most prominent hashtags shown in the wordcloud on your relevant social networks to gain a sense of conversations taking place outside your direct network.

Start by adding a widget to your dashboard and selecting "Hashtags" to bring up the menu.

First, select the time interval you want the data to be drawn from. Next, you can set the maximum number of hashtags to display - this will default to 20.

Once you select your sources (it's unlikely the blog feeds will feature many hashtags), you can pick the influencers whose posts you would like to analyse.

This feature works best with a group of influencers - to see the most used hashtags of a single influencer, visit the "Content" tab of their profile.

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