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How to set up and use the content stream in your dashboard

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The content stream widget lets you see the latest posts from influencers in your program. You can use it to monitor key topics, or check for activity from specific groups of influencers.ย 

Once the stream is set up, you can view, and click through to, individual posts which meet the filter criteria you have set.

To begin, add a widget to your dashboard using the "Add Widget" button, and select "Stream" from the drop-down menu.

You will then be asked to set a time interval and choose the sources, topics & influencers you want to pull data for.

The sources will default to Twitter only with retweets excluded, but you can adjust this to include blogs and retweeted posts if you want to view these as well.
Next, choose your topics, either individually or by group, to determine which posts will be pulled through. Depending on the overall purpose of your dashboard, you might want to look for mentions of your brand, or see how your target influencers are discussing a key topic.


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