What do the Role Tags mean?

A guide to Onalytica's role tags for influencers

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To make the process of finding the right influencers as quick as possible, Onalytica tags influencers in our database according to their role. Filtering searches by role can help you find specific groups like Healthcare Practitioners or Journalists faster.

You can find an influencer's role tags in the top pane of their profile page, beneath their bio.

Onalytica validates influencer roles using a combination of automatic & human detection. You can find a full list of the roles in our database and their definitions below.


Someone engaged in teaching or research work at a university or other higher education institution.


Someone devoting a significant proportion of their time to advocating for one or more causes, such as the environment or social justice.


Someone whose main occupation is to provide insight on a sector, industry or line of business, such as marketing software or financial services.


A writer of books, articles or other literary work.

Charity/Non-profit Professional

Someone working in the charity or non-profit sector.

Comms, PR & Public Affairs

Someone working in Communications,PR or Public Affairs.

Creative Professional

Someone engaged in work requiring imagination, design or originality to produce an output or idea.


Someone working in any of the C-Suite roles (CEO, COO, CIO etc.)


Someone teaching in a primary,secondary or higher education institution.

Entertainment Professional  

Someone working in the entertainment industry (e.g. film, television, music, radio etc.), but not involved in news or informational services.


Someone who is leading or has formerly led their own business.

FinServ Professional  

Someone working in the financial services sector, e.g. banking, accounting etc.

Food & Drink Professional

Someone working in the catering, hospitality or food & drink retail or wholesale industry.


Someone who produces content mainly or exclusively about video games or plays video games professionally.

Healthcare Practitioner

Someone whose main occupation is to provide medical care or services and who holds a qualification in their defined field.


Someone working on a freelance or permanent basis for a news publication (or publications) or broadcast media organisation, not including columnists.

Someone whose main occupation is to provide legal services and who holds one or more qualifications in their defined field of the law in one or several jurisdictions.  

Leisure & Tourism Professional

Someone working in the travel, tourism or leisure industries.  

Management Consultant

Someone working as a consultant on organisational or process improvement. 

Marketing Professional

Someone working in any marketing function for an organisation or agency. 

Policy Professional

Someone responsible for the research & creation of policy at an international, national or local level.

Political/Government Professional

Someone working for a political or government body at an international, national or local level, but not seeking election.


Someone running for or holding elected office at an international, national or local level.

Real Estate Professional  

Someone whose main occupation is concerned with the acquisition, sale, letting, leasing or management of land and residential or commercial property.

Senior Management

Someone working in a management role within their organisation, usually at a director or VP level and above.

Sports Professional  

Someone whose main occupation is concerned with  playing or administrating sports.

Sustainability Professional

Someone working in a role chiefly concerned with improving or maintaining the environmental and social impact of their organisation's activities.

Tech Professional

Someone whose role is focused on the creation, management or maintenance of information technology or systems.

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