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Preview email notifications
Preview email notifications

Some simple tips to get the best email notifications

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Finding the right balance of content in emails can be tricky, Twitter is unpredictable, with peaks and troughs in content and activity. 

Save & Preview
This feature allows you to immediately see how your email notification might look without waiting until the first scheduled delivery.  

Once you have added topics, influencers, title and a recipient, click on the Save & Preview button.

Enter your email address and click "Send Preview"

Check your in-box. It can take 5 minutes to get through email systems. 

No results?
If the emails contains no content, look at the topics and influencers selected.  If you have selected a niche topic with a small number of influencers it could be that there are few tweets in a 24 hour period. Try setting them up as a Weekly Update or adjust selections and preview again.

Is the preview real content?


  • Weekly Update preview looks at the previous week. 

  • Daily Digest and Real-Time preview, looks at the previous 24 hours. 

A regular Real-Time email only looks at the previous 15 minutes but often there won't be any content at that moment. 

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