This new widget in Profiles will help you find people that frequently engage with the current profile you are viewing.

In this example we are looking at Gary Lineker.  The profiles around him are the 10 profiles, in the Onalytica database, that have had the most engagement with Gary over the last 6 months. This is measured in both directions. Come back in a couple of months (or perhaps tomorrow) and the profiles will have changed. 

What do the numbers mean?

That is simply the number of engagements between the person in the middle and the person on the outside. In this example, Gary and BBC Sport have engaged 77 times. Gary has engaged with his top ten, 875 times.

Some people with small networks in our database may display fewer than 10 people.

Why use it?

Quickly identify the people top of the profiles network. They could be good candidates to add to a program or your export list.

Clicking through on each profile gives you another network map which in turn gives you a clearer picture. And yes, we will have bigger network maps with engagement directions soon.

For Employee Advocacy programs it will be useful to take a snapshot of a person's network at the start of a program and then a few months in, to see how their most engaged has changed. Did they manage to reach out to their target influencers?

We added a toggle to the widget so you can have a nice clean picture or include the names and number of engagements.

Tell us what you think and how it could be improved.

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