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Weekly Program Insights - email notification
Weekly Program Insights - email notification

Easy to set-up weekly email notification that measures trending topics, engagement and most engaged influencers in a program

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Easy to set-up weekly email that sends insights every Monday on the previous week (Saturday to Friday). It includes all engagement across all topics and influencers in a program. Anyone with access to the program can get this sent to them.

This notification provides influencer program managers with a quick overview and reminder of how their program is progressing.

Getting Set-up

You can set up this email in by going to the Notifications section in the menu sidebar of your program.

Location of Notification settings in a program

Then click on Weekly Program Insights or Add recipients.

Once you add a recipient the notification is enabled automatically. Just toggle the Enabled switch to turn on and off, no need to remove recipients.

Program Overview

This provides a high level view of activity across a program. How many posts in total, number of people that have posted on topics in the program, the total engagement across the program.

Trending Topics

It is ranked by the biggest change in number of posts on a topic. Next to it is the change percentage change in number of posts compared to the previous week.

Most Engaged

These are people in your program that have received the most engagement in the previous week.

Below each person is displayed the total number of matching posts that week and total engagement their tweets have received.

The most engaged topics ranks the topics by engagement.

Caveat: Tweets and Engagement can appear in multiple topics where the contents of those topics overlaps. See example at bottom of page.

Weekly Program Insights notification

Tweets can appear in multiple Topics

An example of overlapping topics. This tweet by Reuters contains a mention of Swiss. If there were two topics in a program; one called Switzerland and another called Europe, and both contain the words Swiss, then the Post and "Like" would appear in both topics.

A single tweet could potentially appear like this.

Please provide feedback on this new notification if you have used it.

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