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Now paste in text from any source and use content matcher to find influencers

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What's new?

Just copy and paste text from a blog, website, pdf, ppt or anything else for that matter and run a content matcher search.

Select Text from the dropdown and paste in the text.

This removes the step where a document needs to be created and can help reach websites the tool sometimes struggles to reach.

The problem overcome - bad url

The proliferation of pop-ups on websites, that ask visitors to accept cookies, causes the web crawler to sometimes be unable to read the link you enter. If a link fails, you will now be advised to copy and paste the web page content into the Text option.

The problem overcome - sidebar content

There are also situations where content that is unrelated on a webpage may also be read when using a link. Sidebar content, footers, comments and meta content can all impact on a search. By selecting carefully what you want from a page you can reduce these incidents.

What else can you do?

Well, you can quickly add additional words, perhaps your brand or a competitors. Adding more instances of a word will make it more important in the search. It is a bit of a hack but a useful way to look for people mentioning your brand within a topic.

Try Wikipedia

To get a broad view of a topic, try using text from a Wikipedia article. One of the benefits here is that they are usually free of most brands own jargon. It is easy to select sections from Wikipedia and focus in on that part of a topic.

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