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Search: The topic I want isn't in the Topic Library
Search: The topic I want isn't in the Topic Library

If the specific topic you want is not in the library here are ways you can still use topics

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Answer: Combine a topic with keywords, phrases and bio

Most topics are very diverse and have many different angles they could be looked at from. If your precise topic isn't in the Topic Library, adding a keyword will nearly always get you what you want.

Combined searches AND all the terms together, that is each term must be in each result:

[Topic] AND [Keywords] AND [Bio]

Example: I want to find directors talking about cloud computing security

Cloud Computing will return 20k results. This is a broad topic and a popular one.

Adding a keyword of security we have narrowed it down to 78 results.

Now lets narrow it down to some senior decision makers, such as directors, and we have found 4 people that we can investigate.

So our final search works like this:

[Cloud computing] AND security AND director

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