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How do I write an outreach message to influencers?
How do I write an outreach message to influencers?

Some suggestions for writing your outreach message to influencers

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Every influencer has their individual interests, values & goals. To reach out to them, you'll need to come up with a personalised outreach message that highlights why you're reaching out to them, what you want them to collaborate with you on & what they'll get in return for participating in your campaign.

You should always aim to write your outreach with the tone & wording that feels most natural to you, but there are some guidelines you can follow.

The image below illustrates how you the details of your campaign can be used to populate the contents of your outreach message. The key questions for you to answer are:

  • What is the content or event you want the influencer(s) to get involved in?

  • What are you asking the influencer(s) to do as part of this?

  • What will the influencer(s) receive in return? This video gives more details on creating a strong value proposition for influencers

Example Template Outreach:

Hi _______,

I’m reaching out on behalf of [brand] because we’ve identified you as a key thought leader in [campaign theme] & are keen to collaborate with experts like you on content that both our audiences will find valuable.

We’re working on [current campaign] & were keen to involve you by [getting a quote/having you on the panel etc.].

[Detail immediate benefits from value proposition]

In future [possible future campaigns they could be involved in] & we’d be keen to understand your own priorities & interests for the rest of the year so we can find further opportunities to collaborate.

If opportunity is longform (e.g. webinar, whitepaper, podcast, speaking opp): Would you be available next week for a call to discuss the above further?

If opportunity is shortform (e.g. quotes for a blog): If you’re interested, I can send over the details for your input. It would be great to schedule a call after to discuss other opportunities like [webinar, whitepaper, podcast, speaking opp] in the coming weeks if that would be of interest.

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