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What LinkedIn data is available on influencer profiles?
What LinkedIn data is available on influencer profiles?

A guide to the LinkedIn metrics you can find in the influencer profile

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Where can I find LinkedIn data on influencer profiles?

If this data is available for an influencer's profile, you will find a LinkedIn tab at the top of their profile.

Which profiles have this data available?

We've populated this data for 28,000 top influencer profiles. This was based on our analysis of the most relevant profiles in our top industries - Tech, Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy & Climate/Sustainability - and the profiles which are viewed and analysed the most by users.

Which data points are available in the influencer profile?


The overview section contains:

  • Total Posts

  • Average Shares per Post

  • Average Likes per Post

  • Average Comments per Post

Hashtags & Wordcloud

These widgets summarise the most commonly used hashtags & keywords in the influencer's LinkedIn posts.

Connection Growth

The number of connections in the influencer's network, updated monthly or every 6 months.

Can I search through an influencer's LinkedIn posts in the Onalytica platform?

Storing LinkedIn posts in our platform is against LinkedIn's terms of service. We recommend understanding an influencer's topical focus by running a keyword search on their Twitter content and then checking their LinkedIn stats to understand their impact on LinkedIn. We find that most influencers post about similar topics on the two platforms.

How do I find profiles with LinkedIn data?

If you want to restrict your searches to influencers with LinkedIn data populated, you can use the "LinkedIn Reach" filter, selecting "Any".

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