Add notes to Influencers

Add and track notes in the influencer management page of programs

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There are 2 ways to add notes to an influencer's profile.

Hover over their profile

Hover your cursor over an influencer's profile picture anywhere in Onalytica to add an activity to their profile.

Add your activity, click save and the activity will be stored on the influencer's profile.

From the Influencer Management or Campaigns page of a program

When viewing the influencer management or campaigns pages of your program, look out for this icon below each profile.

In the flyout, select "Add note"

New notes from this page will default to the current program, meaning only people with access to that program can read them.

If the note you are adding is not specific to the program or needs to be seen by everyone across your team, select None from the Programs drop down.

Add your note and select a date if it refers to something that happened in the past or will happen in the future. Otherwise, leave the date as today's date.

Completed note will display a link to the program and allow you to edit or delete the note. No one else can delete or edit your notes.

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