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Using Onalytica for a Demand Gen Campaign
Using Onalytica for a Demand Gen Campaign

A guide to using key Onalytica features to drive a demand generation campaign

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Searching for the right influencers

Demand generation campaigns will often target an audience with specific jobs, skills or interests. Onalytica gives you a few options to help you narrow down your search when you've got a specific audience in mind. The videos below explain 2 methods you can use to find influencers based on the needs of your campaign. In both cases, the objective is to find influencers with the right level of experience and credibility to influence your audience.

The Role Filter

The Bio Search

See who influences top voices among your audience

The program section of Onalytica gives you further tools to help you make the right choices for your demand gen-focused influencer campaign. Below are 2 specific actions you can take to

The Network Map

Analysing the network map of your influencer community can help you evaluate influencers based on their ability to reach your target audience. This video will show you how to use the network map widget in your Onalytica dashboard to evaluate the impact influencers could have in a demand generation campaign based on up-to-date social data.

The Interaction Report

The interaction report helps you find the influencers with the strongest relationships to influential members of your target group. Watch the video below to find out how it can rank any group of influencers based on their ability to get engagement from key members of your audience group.

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