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Using Campaign Management in Onalytica

Learn how you can use the Campaigns section of your Onalytica program

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Campaign Admin

The Campaigns section of your program contains tools to help you track the status of your influencer relationships as they progress. To open it, go to the Campaigns section in the menu of your program. If it's the first time you're creating a campaign in this program, select Manage, or navigate directly into any campaigns you have live by clicking on them - they'll show up here when you've created them.

The campaign setup page lets you enter the key details, such as dates, objectives, budget & metrics, as well as allowing you to add the influencers you want to target for your campaign. All other users with access to the program will be able to view these details, creating a single source of truth for your influencer campaign.

Campaign Homepage

The campaign homepage summarises the status of the influencers you have shortlisted and lets you add any new information as your campaign planning progresses.

From here, you can update the status of each influencer you've shortlisted and add notes to allow all team members to view the latest progress of each relationship. The deliverables tab allows you to input and track what influencers are working on/have worked on. A deliverable can be created without assignment to a specific influencer.

To add an influencer note, click the Note icon - a panel will slide out allowing you to add your notes or most recent activities. You can also add notes or recent activities to an influencers from anywhere in Onalytica by hovering over their profile picture and clicking "Add Note" on the panel that appear. The campaign homepage will display the most recent note for each influencer you have added to the campaign.

Campaign Deliverables

The deliverables section lets you plan out the detail of your campaign. It will also save a record for others on your team to check. In future, you will be able to use this information to check which influencers and which content types delivered the best results.

To add a deliverable click the "Add Deliverable" button located on the Deliverables homepage. This is where you can view all the deliverables in your campaign and the status of each of these.

When creating a deliverable, the content type and title are required fields. You are also able to input a description, due date and whether the content is associated with a specific influencer, milestone or metric within the campaign. This allows you to track the progress of each deliverable. URLs can also be added by either linking to the deliverable itself or, if the content has been socially amplified, links can be provided in the social promotions section according to channel (Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram).

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