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What YouTube data is available on influencer profiles?
What YouTube data is available on influencer profiles?

A guide to the YouTube metrics you can find in the influencer profile

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Where can I find YouTube data on influencer profiles?

If this data is available for an influencer's profile, you will see the YouTube tab at the top of their profile.

Which profiles have this data available?

We've populated this data for 74,000 top influencer profiles. This was based on our existing database of B2B creators. Additionally, we have also specifically sourced YouTubers who create content on our our main topic areas - Tech, Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy & Climate/Sustainability.

Which data points are available in the influencer profile?


The overview section contains data on activity from the last month:

  • Total Posts

  • Most recent video

  • Average Views per Post

  • Average Likes per Post

Top Videos

This widget shows an influencers last 15 uploads and is refreshed every 48 hours. You can either view the videos that have received the most likes or the most views. To find a particular video the search bar can be used.

Average Engagement

The line chart shows the sum of likes and views shown for an influencers last 15 videos. The bar chart shows the split between the number of likes and views for each. This data is refreshed every 48 hours.

How do I find profiles with YouTube data?

If you want to restrict your searches to influencers with YouTube data populated, you can use the "YouTube Reach" filter, selecting "Any".

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