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Set up Survey Questions Checklist
Set up Survey Questions Checklist

How to record even more information about the job and the customer

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You might have a list of questions that you ask your customers when building a proposal. These questions can range from asking about furnace noise or carbon monoxide concerns to pets and allergies. These different types of questions in OnCall Air are called Survey Questions. Any admin can set up fully customized checklists from the office app that the team can use in the field. The admin can edit those survey questions in the Office under Settings.

Your technicians also might have a checklist that helps them identify issues and be more thorough in their inspection. If you needed to request photos from your customer to keep on file, you could upload up to 5 images per question in the app (Each attachment must be under 2 MB).

The main benefit of setting these up inside OnCall Air, instead of a separate document or a form, is because all the responses will save inside the Inspector sheet.

This way you can save a ton of paper on printing the survey out each time and keep everything in one place.

If you have completed a Test proposal, you will have noticed there was a survey portion after you enter the customer information in the app portion.

In the Office, you can edit the header and you can edit the questions themselves or you can delete them entirely. You can also add new questions by just clicking on ‘add item’ and just adding that next question to the list at the bottom.

In addition, you will also have a way to add images and PDFs in the response fields of any question. These media files will also stay attached to your Inspector sheet for quick reference.

How does it work?

1. From Office >> Settings >> Survey Items

2. Create a question category

3. Set up questions you want your team to ask

Example of Setting up Survey:

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