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Add Custom Installation Item

How to Add a Custom Installation Item

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How to add a Custom Installation Item? 

You never know what issues are going to arise on the job. For this reason, we created a Custom Installation Item that you can add to any proposal. So no matter what happens you will be prepared for the job: 

  • Go to the Installation Tab in the Proposal App 

  • Click on "+ ADD CUSTOM ITEM"

Here you will be able to type in the Item Name, put in the Cost Price, the Sale Price, and you'll be able to select whether it is an override price or not.

Once you click save, you can then click the "+" sign to add this Custom Installation Item to the respective system.

After you add it to the respective system you have added a Custom Installation Item.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us via support chat or the support number.

Note: you can not recommend Custom Installation Items. Please, check how a placeholder FlexJob can help you offer an ultimate personalized experience!

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