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Managing your Company Information
Managing your Company Information

Setting up your business details and the company info shown on the proposals

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When your account is created, the system will automatically add the Company Information inside the My Company menu on Office. Admins can edit this information at any time.

Company Information has two main sections:

  • Internal: important account settings

  • Customer-facing: show up on all your proposals

Here is about each field in more detail:

  • Company Name - displayed everywhere in the system;

  • Business Phone Number - will also automatically show up inside the email templates;

  • Connector - account number connecting your live product catalog. Let the success team know if it needs to be updated or a new one added. Check the latest list of supported connectors here;

  • Business Email Address - all emails entered here will receive a copy of every accepted proposal. Add as many as you want using a comma.

  • Address / City / State / Province(Canada) / Zip Code - your company physical address;

  • HVAC License - This text will appear on Proposals your customers will see. If you add more than one license please separate them with a comma;

  • ABOUT THE COMPANY - This text will appear on Proposals your customers will see. Our team can help you add any awards, badges, and even videos to show how unique and awesome your company is;

  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS - Add your company's main contract for your customers to accept. (read more)

  • PAYMENT TERMS - Explain terms of the deposit, ways to pay, and more.

  • OTHER FORMS AND CONTRACTS - Additional legal language like a "Notice of Cancellation."

How does it work?

  1. From Office >> Settings >> My Company

  2. Edit the necessary fields

  3. Paste or type About the Company, Terms and Conditions, etc.

  4. Publish/Unpublish the terms or contracts

  5. Save

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