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Using Automatic Discount

Why would you want to make your cash discount automatic?

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Only Financing Markdown type Discount can be Automatic, so if you're creating a $ you will not have an option to make it Automatic.

Why make it automatic?

As a manager, you can help out the team by setting up the Financing Markdown discount to apply automatically once financing is selected. Especially, if you feel that your team is afraid to use financing and you want to make it easier for them.

How will it work?

When building a proposal, once a financing option was selected from the summary page, the system will apply that discount automatically.

If the financing is removed the discount will be immediately removed as well.

Your team will see it appear/disappear inside the Interactive Discounts section.

If for any reason, this discount should not be applied to the proposal, the team can easily remove the discount before presenting or emailing to the customer.

Example of an Automatic Interactive Cash Discount:

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