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Creating a FlexJobs Catalog

How to set up all your jobs and services in one place

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You can create an unlimited number of FlexJobs on the office side of the app. This will become your FlexJob Catalog. You and your team will access the Catalog when building a proposal to offer FlexJobs to their customer.

Any jobs without a Price Override can be customized to reflect changes in Title, Products, Installation Items, Labor, and/or Material.

How does it work?

  1. From Office >> FlexJobs >> create a new FlexJob

  2. Fill out a Name - a short description of the job that appears on the customer proposal.

  3. Select a Category and a Sub Category to easily locate the jobs when building a quote.

  4. Add an optional Item Code, if your indexing system requires it.

  5. Add a Description that helps your customer understand the value of your work.

  6. Add at least one highlighted Feature to help your customer compare the jobs.

  7. Add the main Hero Image and up to three optional images to visualize your value to the customer.

  8. Add a few internal notes about the job that you want to keep in mind.

  9. Review the Price Calculation or Override if needed.

  10. Save

Example of creating a FlexJob Catalog item:

a. About your Job section:

b. Visualize section:

c. Include Section:

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