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FlexJob: Package Installation Services in a Kit
FlexJob: Package Installation Services in a Kit

Make it more efficient and less error prone to quote an HVAC job by bundling all the work and accessories in an Installation Kit

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A FlexJob can combine products, installation items, and description to highlight the work that goes into a job. This one kit will save repeated clicks when quoting multiple options for a customer and can make it easier to keep your team in sync and avoid errors.

Taking this approach also helps you tell a better story about all the work that you do on an installation job, which differentiates your company from others.

Develop your Strategy

The Installation Kit may vary based on the tier of equipment, the type of systems you are installing, and/or the capacity of the system. Before beginning, think about the different scenarios so you can come up with a set of Installation Kits that you want to be available.

Setup the FlexJob

πŸ”ˆ Note: you can reference the Starter Catalog FlexJob Code OCA-0013 "Deluxe Central Air Installation Service" to save some time.

As an admin, you'll create a unique FlexJob that contains a description of the service you offer, and also the products that are bundled with the standard service kit.

The steps to create the Kit:

  1. Give a descriptive name to the FlexJob, ideally with your company brand, e.g., "Air Ninjas Deluxe Central Air Installation Service". Leaving the name more generic gives you more flexibility to use this job in multiple, related scenarios.

  2. Categorize the FlexJob: HVAC Residential Heating & Cooling -> General ( view all categories here.)

  3. Write the Description and Features in a way that your customer will understand, and emphasize the unique work and qualifications that you and your team have to do this installation.

4. Attach a hero image. The hero image can be generic, and just serves as an illustration (use our image catalog here)

5. Include products or installation items that are part of the package, like, extended warranties, thermostats, pads, or other items that go with every installation.

You can also create a variety of jobs for different tiers of value: for example, Standard and Deluxe Installation Packages. Perhaps the Deluxe package includes more advanced air filtration options.

Quote -- and win -- the Job

Your team can now quote the bundle with the equipment, but also Include the Installation Kit as part of that quote.

This saves the step of clicking on multiple accessories and installation items for each job.

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