Introduction to Zapier

Zapier is a software that allows the creation of connections and whole workflows across over 3.000+ tools. It's especially useful when you want to continuously work with leads in Onepage CRM.

An established workflow in Zapier is called Zap. Services like Onepage are known as Apps, and events that turn Zapier into action are called triggers.

You can connect a variety of services to Onepage, including :

Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, Google-Sheets, Hubspot, Active-Campaign, GetResponse, Twilio (ex. SendGrid), Notion, Evernote, and many others.

What do you need before establishing a connection :

— Create a free Zapier account. Create an account

— Create an account in a 3-d party software you want to connect

— Create a lead list adding forms & funnels you'd like to use with this Integration

Step one. Add Zapier as an integration.

Be logged in to Onepage and Zapier, go to Onepage CRM (select the project you want to connect Zapier to), and clock in „Add integration.”

Onepage tip.

Inside the CRM, you connect Zapier with a list that contains a certain number of forms or quiz funnels you've added to it. Ensure you add an integration to a proper list to avoid wrong leads / no leads flowing through your connection.

You can connect Zapier to "All" or a specific list.

Step two. Connect Zapier

An invitational modal box opens, allowing you to link your Zapier account to Onepage. Click the button and proceed.

Now, the part you set up with Onepage is successfully finished. The rest of the process you need to take care of in Zapier's new open tab.

Step three. Setting up your “Zap”

Now it's time to choose Onepage from the App list that Zapier has to offer

After choosing the app (Onepage), choose an event that you want to trigger Zapier with. Example : New lead that is coming to CRM

Now, log in to your Onepage account inside Zapier. No worries, it's safe.

Enter correct login data for your Zaps to work properly. Then choose a project that you connect Zapier to (You have to set up a Zap for every form on the site!).

Now choose a list you've prepared to connect with Zapier. If there's no need for a list, use "All" as we do on a screenshot. Then, all the leads you receive within a project will be sent to Zapier.

Test the trigger to check if Onepage and Zapier were linked successfully. Test data won't get into your CRM. It only represents how Zapier sends it out to external software.

Now, choose the tool that should receive the data gathered in Onepage (i.g. CRM, Email-marketing provider, or GSheets).

Step three. Done!

When Zapier is connected, go back to Onepage CRM to see if Zapier icon appeared on the navigation bar. Have fun using Onepage with other tools!

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