What is a project?

After logging in you have the possibility to create your first project, which is a collection of different pages. That means, if you have a company (e.g. "Blumenpower GmbH"), you create a project for this company. You can then create multiple pages in this project.

In Onepage you can create multiple pages in each project, which you then link to each other. Thus, you'll have the possibility to create a main site with several subpages that will make your website structure complete.

What is a landing page?

The landing page is the first page where all your traffic - that is, your visitors - land. This is the strength of Onepage. All templates are graphically optimized so that you can build a conversion-strong - i.e. sales-strong - landing page.

The focus of a landing page is always on an ACTION (we also speak of "Call-To-Action").

If you run a flower store, the call to action can be, for example, a contact or a pre-order. Once you have chosen a call to action, all the buttons on your page should point to that call to action (e.g. "Pre-order flowers now!").

From the landing page you do not link to other pages, but always only to the call-to-action button!

The most common call-to-actions on good landing pages:

  1. Make an appointment now

  2. Apply now for free

  3. Download Ebook now

  4. Register now for the webinar

  5. Download free report

  6. Watch free video series

  7. Request analysis now

  8. Try the product now

  9. etc...

What is a website?

A website describes an extensive online presence of your company. The website consists of several subpages and thus has a certain depth. Visitors can stay on your pages for a long time! You can use the website when you want to describe your complex business.

⚠️ However, when it comes to sales, it is essential always to use a landing page! This has a clear focus and ensures that visitors don't get lost on one of the numerous subpages! Remember: Onepage is a landing page builder!

What is a page?

In Onepage, a page describes a small content page where you share information about a specific topic. You can implement multiple pages on your landing page.

The following pages are typical for your internet presence/website:

  1. Landing page (the main page where all your visitors land) - for example >> www.blumenpower.de

  2. Imprint - e.g. >> www.blumenpower.de/impressum (required in DE - an imprint generator can be used)>> https://www.e-recht24.de/impressum-generator.html

  3. Privacy policy - e.g. >> www.blumenpower.de/datenschutz (required in DE - generator can be used>> https://www.e-recht24.de/muster-datenschutzerklaerung.html )

  4. Team - e.g. >> www.blumenpower.de/team
    Here you describe your company. Who is part of the team? What distinguishes the respective employees?

  5. Services - e.g. >> www.blumenpower/leistungen
    In this subpage, you can report in detail about your achievements as a company.

    Please note that these are just examples of how your domain/link might look like, these are not running landing pages.

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