Onepage CRM. Basics

In this article you will learn how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) works in Onepage.

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As soon as you start collecting leads - i.e. contact details of prospective customers - you need a database to view them. Onepage provides you with this database in the form of a simple CRM.

💡 A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system. In this system, as the name suggests, you can maintain the relationship with your customers and prospects.

💡 A lead is a record from a prospect or from a customer.

Onepage has its own CRM built in. In it you can view your collected leads, edit them and adjust the processing status.

🤓 Where do you find the CRM?

The CRM can be found in each project. Each project has its own data collection, so you don't mix data unintentionally when organizing multiple projects.

You can access the Onepage CRM by clicking on "CRM" at the top of your project.

Here's what that looks like:

In this overview, you can view records, edit them and mark or change the status of the lead accordingly via the dropdown menu in the column.

We recommend using a professional CRM system outside of Onepage if you need to process a lot of leads.

Our clear CRM recommendation:

🤓 What can you do in the Onepage CRM?

YOU CAN: View, edit, delete lead data, and change lead status.

To do this, click on the lead in the lead list. A pop-up will open and you will have several options.

Sort leads in lists

If you have multiple forms on your site and you don't want to have all incoming leads in one list, you can sort your leads into lists. To do this, click on the "+", now a pop-up window will open where you can create your personalized lead list. Give your list a name and choose from which forms the leads for this list should come. (You can also select multiple forms at the same time).

After you created a list, you can connect this list with Telegram, Zapier or Klick-Tipp.

For example, if you connect CRM with Telegram, you'll receive a notification every time someone fills out your form. You can also get an email when a new lead has signed up.

To do this, click on "Add Integration" and select the desired integration.

Export data

You can then download all the information from the CRM system. By default, you will not receive the lead details by email, but only a notification that you have a new lead.

➡️ Please also have a look at this video!

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