You can add HTML Code, CSS(SCSS) Coder, and JS in Onepage.

  • HTML is a markup language that we use to structure a website and integrate content like paragraphs, headers, tables, images, and videos for instance.

  • CSS is the language we use to define rules for style by changing the background colour and font for example.

  • JavaScript is a program language that allows us to realise dynamic updates of content such as animated images and much more.


Go to the section you want to edit and click on the symbol with the six dots to add a new section.


Click on "+Add element"


Choose CODE from the list below.


A new code element will pop up. Clicking on it allows you to paste your custom code.

You may of course adjust the code to your liking and add whatsoever you need for your landingpage.

Don’t forget to publish or update your website to see the results live.

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