This is an article on how to edit texts so you can better highlight your content

Enter the editing mode

To start editing, click on any text you want to edit, like this :

You'll see that a tooltip with a variety of options appears. Now let's go through those options together.

Switching text styles

There're 5 pre-defined text styles in Onepage :

— Paragraph

— Subtitle

— Quote

— Ordered list

— Unordered list

Every style has its own style, size, and properties. Play around with them a little bit to understand what they are.

Changing text size

To modify the paragraph size, click on Tt icon to choose from a list of pre-sets (you can change it to your own one as well)

XL, L , M, S, XS pre-sets are calculated based on typography settings to follow the golden ratio rule. Most of the Onepage customers use these.

If you want to go for a custom setting, click three dots at the right corner of a tooltip

Linking a text

To set up a link for one of the words / sentences inside the paragraph, select it and then look for a 'link' icon above.

You can select an existing page of yours by clicking the dropdown or typing in any external link. To open the page in a new tab, select it as an option.

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