If you ever want to build a landing page with a menu subsite can be rather helpful in distributing some information.

They can be variants of your landing page that aren’t linked to one another or just hold information like an imprint, privacy, or a thank you.

Anything you want to lnk to your main page can be created in a subsite and connected to it via a link or modal box.

STEP 1: Log into your project.

STEP 2: Click on “Create site”.

STEP 3: Choose a template or create your own by clicking on “Start from scratch”

You may also choose one of your previously built templates in case you have created any.

STEP 4: Choose a name for your subsite and click on “Choose this template” or “Create site” to create a template.

STEP 5: Adjust it to your liking.

STEP 6: Publish your subsite.

After you’ve published your site a window with its link will pop up. Click on it to review how it looks live.

STEP 7: Link your subsite to your main site by creating a CTA-button or menu on your main page.

If you want to create a CTA-button just click on the button and then “link”.

If you want to link your subpage via a menu, just click on the menu and choose the text that you want to link. Choose the action “link” with your new subsite.

STEP 8: To link the subsite to your menu just add its link to the tab or choose one of the published sites that you want to link.

STEP 9: Publish or update your homepage to view the changes live.


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