Getting started with CRM

The CRM system is the area of Onepage in which all leads are gathered. Anytime someone fills out a form or a quiz all the information is transmitted into it.

To access the CRM-System, log in to any of your Onepage projects and take a look at the upper bar next to your project title. That's where you find a CRM

Now click CRM and select the list you want to export your leads from. It can be "All leads" or any specific lists you use.

After selecting a proper list, click on the three dots next to the button “Add integration.” Find "Export leads" button in the dropdown menu and click to get your document.

Final step

Open the downloaded files and format them to suit your needs.

Tip. If you want to link your form with external tools, you can use the same menu by clicking on “Add Integration.” You may link it to Zapier, Klick-Tipp, Google Spreadsheets, Telegram, or Facebook Messenger.

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