There are two ways of creating a quiz in Onepage. You can either choose to add it as a section to an already existing landing page, or you may choose one from our templates that contain different quizzes for various industries.

🧑‍💻Way A: Adding a quiz as a section


In your project go to “New section”.


Go to “Quiz”.


Edit the quiz to your likings.

3.1 You can add new steps to your quiz

3.2 You may edit the text in any of the given options and adjust the settings of this specific step. Don’t forget to save your changes once you’re done.

3.3 You can edit the settings of the quiz as a whole too in case you want to change the title or the names of the buttons for instance.

3.4 Last but not least you may also change the style of your quiz: The texts, the sizes of your texts, the alignment, and the animations of effects that will be displayed.

Test it out yourself and see what you like best!

Have fun with it! 🤩

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