There are multiple ways of using cookie banners on your Onepage landing page. You may either use the integrated one that we offer or generate an external cookie banner with custom code.

Please note: the extended cookie banner is only usable with our bigger licences (business, agency, and MAX) The standard cookie banner is free to use in any licence.

To create a GDPR conform cookie banner in Onepage follow these steps:

Step 1 - Click on “settings”

You find this option after logging into your project and selecting your site.

STEP 2 - Click on “Site settings”

After clicking on “site settings” a pop-up window will open and display more options.

STEP 3 - Click on “Cookie banner”

Now choose the type of cookie banner.

There are no options when using one of our smaller licences. In this case you may use an external banner or update your licence (in your profile under “Price plan”).

You can choose between 4 different designs for your banner and change the names of the buttons, the background colour, or position of texts.

STEP 4 - Save

Once you complete the adjustments click “Save”.

How to integrate cookie banners

To use an external tool, you can generate a cookie banner or opt in with service providers such as Cookiebot for instance and integrate it to Onepage via custom code.

(It may take up to 24 hours for the banner to be active)

⏩For more information on integrating code in a project or subsite in Onepage read this article.


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