The Favicon is a small icon, symbol or logo that marks a landing page or website in your browser. It is also shown in your bookmarks and in your tabs.

How to change the Favicon


Click on Settings.


Click on the Site settings.

Now you can upload an image via Upload image to replace the Favicon. The Favicon has to be in the form of a PNG and have a size of at least 32x32 px.


After you’re done with the adjustments make sure to click on save.


If you want to see the changes, publish or update your site.

How to deactivate the Onepage-Banner

The Onepage-Banner can be located at the bottom of the page and shows that your site has been created with Onepage.

Example: This is how the standardised branding with the Onepage-Banner looks like. You can deactivate it with one click.

Go to settings- site settings. Then deactivate the Onepage-Banner and save the changes.

Publish or update your landing page to view the changes!

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