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Adding different functions to a CTA
Adding different functions to a CTA

In this article you’ll learn how to adjust your CTA button and add different functions to it.

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Call-to-Action or CTA buttons are the buttons on a landing page used to lead your customers to your desired conversion. It’s the part of your landing page that the customer has to click on in order to be forwarded to the targeted action. They can vary in size, style, and target of conversion.

Connect your CTA button with a different site

You can connect the CTA button with a subsite of a project in Onepage or with external sites like a blog or payment provider. To do so just click on the “Action” field and choose the option “Link to”. Enter your link in the required field.

You have the option to let your link be opened in a new tab by going to “Open in new tab”.

Connect your CTA to a different part of your landing page

You may choose to link your CTAs to a different part of your landing page which would forward anyone who clicks on it to the desired section of your site such as prices, forms and services.

To do so, go to “Scroll to” and choose the desired section of the landing page. You may also add an animation to this action.

Connect your CTA button to a pop-up window (ModalBox)

You can link your CTA to a ModalBox after creating a modal box form. It’ll be opened once someone clicks the CTA button. Please click here to find out how to create a modal box form.

Click on the modal box and choose the option “ModalBox”. Add your previously created box.

Connect your CTA button to your email or your phone number

You may also link your CTA to your mail or phone number to receive notifications via mail or phone call anytime someone clicks on your CTA button.

To do so, please go to “Mailto” or “Phone” and add the desired mail address or phone number to the “action” field.

For more information on this topic, please have a look at this video:

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